Press Release... Dateline Miami MARCH 15, 2013

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REIT AMERICAS© is organized as a private holding company. Operating as principals under the corporate governance consistent to a Real Estate Investment Trust. 

Are we there yet?   Job growth? Yes...
Are we dreaming of a new dawn in America's manufacturing sector? No... The wind of change is coming that will drive America's competitiveness back to productivity.  

Our view of a continued Global economy, with CHINA 's advancement in technology and manufacturing capacity continue to grow, our company is engaged in the " NEXT STEP CHINA"
NEXT STEP CHINA is a roll out of Joint Ventures with Chinese manufacturers into our FTZ,  building 'Trade-Bridges' to access our Value-Added services of Packaging, Branding , Licensing, Distribution and eFulfillment with Product Liability Insurance and Recall Tracking. Our fim is focused at thounands of SKU numbers and is able to deploy high-speed sorting and packaging using the RFID Technology and the principle of freight consolidation to minimize freght cost . More detail available upon request.

There are the drivers that will restore our competitiveness:
  • $6,500 Shipping cost for a container
  • $100/ Barrel oil
  • High Logistic cost
  • Building Brand Equity
  • Market Access

The success stories of all Asian Automobile manufacturers are found right here in Georgia and many southern States for  (KIA-Hyundai) Toyota, Honda and new manufacturing in Alabama.

How can we help, call us and we will talk about Special Bond programs, having Bonds is not the solutions, selling the bonds is the answer, but making them salable is the key; we have a platform than can facilitate Bonds and access to other Community-Based Initiative programs.

 We can  do design build including the total solution of relocations or start-up, we can work with companies planning to locate in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and provide the total package, Plant, Housing, Funding, Staff relocation, Job Training and all Logistic to a roll out.  Our target is not just a Fortune 10 but small entry level firms that we can help in many ways.

Going Green.... is spawning a whole new Green industrial revolution
Our new generation of world class Business parks under the banner of NexGEN WorldPORT and SmartZONE AMERICA (Registered Trade names) providing new hybrid communities of tomorrow featuring, Residential, Institutional, Corporate HQ, clean Green industries, Trade and Cultural centers, Schools, Medical and Healthcare facilities, Research Park and Biotech clusters.   

        with projects and Natural Resources in their portfolio, building a sustainable business model for these challenging times.
      With over three decades of development experience in the following categories, as our core programs: Large-Scale Business Parks, Distribution Centers, Manufacturing & Trade Centers Corporate Headquarter facilities Manufacturing & Assembly for Government Products' divisions Shopping Centers Medical-Healthcare facilities and numerous Design-Build to Suit projects 

      REIT AMERICAS can provide design-build in multi states facilities forf Institutional & corporate tenants consisting of: School Campus, Senior Housing, HQ-Facility for corporate and Institutional users, FTZ- Multi-Family and Urban Town Centers. Our multi-state operations includes, Miami, Miami Beach, St. Lucie, Orlando, Atlanta, No. Carolina, and Texas. Our land inventory of sites for  selected retail, mixed use and hospitality development spans several states.  Using our 35 years of experience in our industry and creating partnership with seasoned developers REIT AMERICAS LIMITED is expanding their portfolio for income and appreciation in a safe harbor environment.  We have Joint Venture opportunities available.

        Our market areas are considered within the "MAGAPOLITANS" of the next Hyper growth period spawned by America's advancement in Biotech, Life-Science, Food Production, Healthcare and Academic leaderships.. Our goals are not insensitive to the consumer index, but we see a broader long term growth pattern for selective demographics, including: Florida, Georgia, The Carolinas, New York, NY, Texas. 

      REIT AMERICAS is moving ahead with projects in: Medical & Healthcare facilities: MED CAMPUS  BioTECH, R&D And Academic Campus:  Lifestyle Centers with Big Box Retail: Development Site- Port St. Lucie, Florida Distribution Centers - Logistics: Buildable site and Facilities in Multi-States Headquarter Facilities and Class "A" office buildings-Design build on Demand Hotels of 200+ Rooms Biotech PARK development:  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | Copyright © 2006 REIT-AMERICAS, LTD and HF-TRUST. All Rights Reserved. 

       Privacy Policy: Submit all offerings in total confidence. We do not share information with any third parties, nor do we offer any Non-Owned Properties on the market. All Submissions are treated in a strict confidential manner and not stored for viewing by un-authorized personnel. We are principals buyers and sellers
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